/special screening: focus on relationships

friday, february 14


This screening session features 10 films. All films are English spoken and/or English subtitled.


A film screening focussing on the complexity of human relationships on valentine's day. Does it get any better than this? On February 14th 2020 at 9:30PM, The Brussels Independent Film Festival presents a selection of 10 short films from around the world (Belgium, Canada, France, the US and Hong Kong). They revolve around relationships in their different forms, whether spiritual, physical, interpersonal, familial, or humanitarian. The films tackle the complexity, ever-changing dynamics, adversity, and multi-faceted aspects pertaining to these different types of relationships.


Cinéma GALERIES (Theatre 2)

Koninginnegalerij 26 Galerie de la Reine

1000 Brussels

Free entry and popcorn.


No need to make reservations for this particular screening. Just show up and enjoy the show!

A New Religion Called Love (Belgium)

by Marisa Papen

It’s time we start believing in this life rather then focussing on the here-after. It’s time we start paying gratitude to our real God… Our earth. Our home that we all share. Our almighty earth that provides us with all, 
Nature our nurturer. It’s time we let the wind guide us. It’s time we free our trapped minds from this box filled with lies, It’s time we escape from the random rules, It’s time we burn the Holy Books, It’s time that we re-invent what it means to believe. Re-invent the word Religion. A universal message. A New Religion called, LOVE.

Category: short

Duration: 00:02:31

L'amour (Canada)

by Benoit Ouellet

The friendship between Sam and Mathieu ends.


Belgian premiere

Category: short

Duration: 00:04:42

Miss Chazelles (France)

by Thomas Vernay

Clara and Marie are rivals. Clara is the first successor while Marie won the famous prize Miss Chazelles-sur-Lyon. While in the village the tension rises between Clara’s friends and Marie’s family, the two girls seem to maintain an ambiguous relationship.

Category: short

Duration: 00:21:46


Melanie (Belgium)

by Jacinta Agten

Melanie is obsessed with the life of her possible 
donor father. Is she looking for a future or a past 
with that man?

Category: short

Duration: 00:14:58


I Hate The Sun (Slovenia)

by Fabris Šulin

A girl lies on the beach and is thinking about life. She comes to a realization. But does it matter?

Category: short

Duration: 00:07:20


Mer Bleue (Canada)

by Cecilia Araneda

A pathway through time captures the changing of seasons and the evanescence of love.


Benelux premiere

Category: experimental, short

Duration: 00:03:50

Salt Water (United States)

by Abe Abraham

Dance-film set to the seismographic recordings of the earth's vibrations.


Belgian premiere

Category: experimental, short

Duration: 00:05:45


Forgive and Not to Forgive (Hong Kong)

by Elysa Wendi

Shared dialogues between Chang Yan and Chen Jun about their childhood trauma, contemplating the hatred they feel towards their fathers. The film juxtaposes the body movements and memories in the intimacy of an unknown space. One of them chooses to forgive and another one chooses not to.

Category: documentary, short, experimental

Duration: 00:05:46

Waiting for Jupiter (France)

by Agathe Riedinger

Liane, a 21-year-old girl, has just learnt that she was cast to be part of a reality TV show. Certain that her life will finally start, she burns everything surrounding her to embrace this long-awaited shake-up.


Belgian premiere

Category: short

Duration: 00:22:53

It's wet ! (France)

by Alexis Godard, Nan Huang

A narcissistic woman lives without worrying about the world around her and ignorant of the natural cycle she is part of. It is by reaching the limits of her self-esteem that she will have to open herself to the world and find a solution to the malfunctions she has caused.

Category: animation

Duration: 00:07:18


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