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Date and time:

9-15 February



Cinéma GALERIES (exhibition hall)




Galerie de la Reine 26

1000 Brussels

Entry: free (walk-in, no tickets required)

All films are English spoken and/or English subtitled.

At Jolie coiffure (Cameroon)

by Rosine Mbakam

Sabine's migratory journey begins in Cameroon, continues to Lebanon, where she is reduced to near slavery, and reaches Brussels, where she runs a hairdressing salon until her situation is regularised. In the 8m2 salon, Sabine and her colleagues help each other to cope with hiding. They work 13 to 14 hours a day under the threat of the patrol police and the eyes of tourists of all ages who look at them and photograph them as objects in the window.

Category: documentary

Duration: 01:10:06

Showtimes: 14:00 & 17:00 every day

Hallebaan 3 (Belgium)

by Guy De Troyer

After the death of my father, I visit the home of my childhood a very last time. It's peculiar to revisit a place that changed in time into a commonplace, almost without any meaning. A spot with vague footsteps of my life. But when I wander through the rooms, I lose myself in time and space.

Category: documentary

Duration: 00:10:21

Showtimes: 15:11 & 18:11 every day

Tulipomania: On the Outside [Spinello remix] (United States)

by Cheryl Gelover, Tom Murray

Dramatic, dark and dubby, this music video, features vintage objects animated frame by frame as torn paper and tape collages on thousands of individual sheets of black paper. Celebrating a quaint naiveté, it was inspired by the addition of a space-age era broadcast layered into the remix by Shane Woolman, aka Spinello, a London-based producer/remixer.

Benelux premiere

Category: music video, animation

Duration: 00:04:37

Showtimes: 15:22 & 18:22 every day

Shelly (United States)

by Katie Vida

Video work developed entirely on Snapchat, the app known for its face altering features. The piece includes filtered selfie video "diaries" by Shelly, who has exhausted her savings on an Airbnb rental to explore New York. Her meanderings are meaningful for their short-lived revelations. 'Shelly' sheds light on smartphone technology as a form of embodiment, elucidation, connection, and at times, detachment.

Category: narrative film, experimental

Duration: 00:44:45

Showtimes: 15:27 & 18:27 every day


Chairs (Israel)

by Avner Pinchover

A man hurls chairs at a wall for 12 minutes in what seems to be a holy-rage attack. This expressive performance-for-camera fluctuates between satisfaction and futility while simultaneously creating compositions of destructive beauty.

Category: experimental

Duration: 00:11:42

Showtimes: 16:12, 16:48, 19:12 & 19:48 every day

Heilerijk (Belgium)

by Zoë Boogaert

The caretaker of an old woman who tries to find peace at the end of her life helps her in her final moments and protects her when a demon enters her room. A tale about tenderness.

Category: experimental, short

Duration: 00:13:41

Showtimes: 16:24 & 19:24 every day

Perpetual War (Belgium)

by Lydia Rigaux

An army force withdraws from a demolished area. In a city scattered with rubble lie the dead witnesses of rape and looting. The survivors search for what will keep them alive. The unthinkable has become reality for them. But maybe this state of absolute negativity offers a change. Maybe it is in these dark regions that we can lift the veil of the unthinkable and look beyond.

Category: short

Duration: 00:09:50

Showtimes: 16:38 & 19:38 every day

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