saturday, february 15


This screening session features 8 films.  All films are English spoken and/or English subtitled.


Cinéma GALERIES (Studio)

Koninginnegalerij 26 Galerie de la Reine

1000 Brussels

Free entry and popcorn.

This screening is FULLY BOOKED. From experience we know some seats may free up, so feel free to drop by starting 30 minutes before the screening to put your name on the waiting list. We'll start giving away unclaimed seats 5 minutes before the screening begins.

A Walk (Russian Federation)

by Ivan Arkhipov

Discovering the inner self is similar to supernova. 
Initially shape is fuzzy, no edges, everything is flowing and unclear. I'm walking down the road of life, and I discover new forms of Myself. Interlacing light and darkness fills me up with experience. Consciousness expands.

'A Walk' is a single frame animation made of graphic prints in the art of drypoint engraving, hand printed with intaglio press.

Belgian premiere

Category: animation, short

Duration: 00:04:40

In Passing (Canada)

by Esther Cheung

A portrait of seventies Hong Kong as the director's parents remember it.

Category: animation, short

Duration: 00:04:08


Gypsy Hunt (Denmark)

by Mikkel Andreas Smidt

At a beautiful hotel near the beach, the Danish and Swedish operations of an international company are having lunch. A merger is imminent, and Karsten is under a lot of pressure from his boss. When the drunken party heads for the beach, it is revealed that the entertainment is a manhunt. After the initial shock, the party imperceptibly decides to embrace the absurd setup.

Benelux premiere

Category: short

Duration: 00:19:42

On Color (Turkey)

by Hüseyin Mert Erverdi

'On Color' is the story of light, after being birthed by the pitch black void preceding the universe, it disperses into red, green and blue and then from there to all the various colors of visible spectrum emerges and flows into each other, creating all the possible forms of hues. After the life of light spent it flows back into the primordial state of pitch black void of ‘Khaos’.

International premiere

Category: animation, short

Duration: 00:02:38

Ellinikon (Greece)

by Konstantinos Prepis

Sotiris is a homeless, victim of the economic crisis, who has found refuge in the abandoned airport of Athens, “Ellinikon”. There he lives quietly among ghosts and memories of an era, not so long gone. Suddenly, one day, the airport is filled with candidate passengers who, of course, cannot fly anywhere. 

Category: short

Duration: 00:21:02


Sabbath Assembly - Worthless (Germany)

by Robert Piel

A collaborative effort of the band Sabbath Assembly and director Robert Piel, the song and film "Worthless" tell the coming-of-age tale of a young man as he claims his territory and his sexuality in the face of an adversarial peer group and family. Set in a provincial rural setting, the protagonist finds his identity in skateboarding, brawls, and self-harm, ultimately individuating in an act of extreme savagery.

Category: music video, short

Duration: 00:09:09

Lone in the Dark (Poland)

by Tomasz Chrapusta

What happens when two creative forces meet? When extreme emotions are given voice and indomitable passion prevails over the complicated matter? Time is in the void, scattered over the past, the present and the future. Sense of place is of no consequence, it’s merely a pretext to show the real and lasting solitude of a man. There is however light in darkness, which shelters from fear. Two opposed forces fight each other, none wins over the other. Good and evil, light and darkness, life and death.

Category: music video

Duration: 00:03:19

F For Freaks (Germany)

by Sabine Ehrl

A dystopian world in which tall people hunt small ones. Gabriela (70) is deadly ill and can hardly breathe. In order to stay alive, she orders a new lung and sets out for a difficult and unpredictable journey accompanied by three outlawed bounty hunters.

Category: short

Duration: 00:30:00


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