/program/Sunday 6 February
A Year in Exile (Turkey) by Malaz Usta.j

ALL WEEK: The Rabbit Holes
6-13 Feb, 14:00-20:00
Cinema Galeries (Underground)

ALA KACHUU - Take and Run (Switzerland)

Sunday 6 Feb, 17:00
The Cinema (Tour&Taxis)

In Ashes (Norway) by Kjetil Engh Aasen.j

Sunday 6 Feb, 13:00
The Cinema (Tour&Taxis)


Sunday 6 Feb, 19:00
The Cinema (Tour&Taxis)

Sisyphus Dreaming (Hong Kong) by Jas Pun

Sunday 6 Feb, 15:00
The Cinema (Tour&Taxis)

Darkness of Otherwhere (Japan) by Ayoub

Sunday 6 Feb, 21:00
The Cinema (Tour