/the rabbit holes
6-13 February


Cinéma GALERIES (exhibition hall)



Koninginnegalerij / Galerie de la Reine 26

1000 Brussels

Entry: free (walk-in, no tickets required)

Join us down a cinematic rabbit hole of offbeat, weird, wonderful, poetic, surreal or abstract films. The Brussels Independent Film Festival goes underground with a selection of experimental films (narrative films, documentaries, animations, music videos...) by artists from all over the globe. The vaulted rooms of the underground exhibition hall at Cinema Galeries will serve as the setting for the weeklong continuous screenings of over 90 carefully selected works, on 4 different screens. You can visit for free for the duration of the festival, every day between 2PM-8PM.

We'll be featuring different works that adopt alternative approaches to filmmaking. They are sometimes profoundly personal, other times formally radical explorations of image, sound and atmosphere. Making films is truly the process of creating art – vibrant, living works that evoke emotion and resonate with viewers. This essential truth often gets lost in today’s world, which sees cinema as a means of commerce and often overlooks obscure and experimental works of great value but limited box office appeal.


Full schedule in pdf

Floor plan:

Untitled design.png
CASS & LEX (Germany) by Phillip Kaminiak


Chameleon (A Visual Album) (U.S.) by Jaamil Olawale Kosoko, Ima Iduozee / Death Stare: Gigantica (U.S.) by Josh Winegar / Once There Was Iii (U.S.) by Nina Mcneely / John L" Black Midi (U.S.) by Nina Mcneely / Circumvolution (Turkey) by Hüseyin Mert Erverdi / Lekeo (Switzerland) by Jonathan Jäggi / Bellydance Vogue (Lebanon) by Hadi Moussally / Dynamite (France) by Jim Vieille / Incomplete (U.S.) by Dalena Tran / Necrosis (Argentina) by Paula Monesterolo / Brave Marin (Belgium) by Guillaume Maupin, Pablo Guarise / Quantum Clouds (Greece) by Dimitris Giouzepas / Mildreda "Liaisons Dangereuses (Belgium) by Pieter Clicteur, Geert Germonpré / At Dawn (Spain) by Fany De La Chica / Croquis:: VRS (France) by Leyokki / Wanna Be Basquiat (Portugal) by João Pombeiro / No Name (Brazil) by Jens Ostberg, Gleeson Paulino / Cass & Lex (Germany) by Phillip Kaminiak / Another Horizon (U.S.) by Stephanie M Barber / The Real Person (Estonia) by Jaan Tätte / OMEGA II (France) by Blanchard Thomas / lophiile feat. NSTASIA | My Side (U.S.) by rubberband. / Kite (Portugal) by João Pombeiro / Born Like a Bullet (Chile) by Jimmy Fernandez / TREi & Jabz MC – Magma (New Zealand) by Jamie Wanstall / Demasiadas Mujeres (Spain) by Santos Bacana / Serves us right (U.K.) by Jola Kudela / Szpaku & Kubi Producent – Ćmy (Poland) by Krzysztof Kiziewicz, Radovan Lee / Gogol (France) by David Cabannes / puntjudith – Lichter (Netherlands) by Thijs Mosterman / Ophelia (Germany) by Meike Redeker / Seer & Seen (Iran) by Ghazal Majidi / Uh Huh (U.S.) by Mark Isaac, Gabriela Bulisova / How (U.S.) by Vasilios Papaioannu

A Year in Exile (Turkey) by Malaz Usta.j


The Blue Knight (Germany) by Gustavo Gomes / Makarìa (Italy) by Giulia Attanasio / Physical Thoughts (U.S.) by Anne Hollowday / The Orphan's Gift (Israel) by Dan Robert Lahiani / (M)Orpheus (Spain) by Paul Levit / Fahmi Alqhai x Carmen Muñoz - BWV 1013 (Spain) by Adrian Cores / A Year in Exile (Turkey) by Malaz Usta / Following...? (Belgium) by Bruno Cerpa Moreno / Wuqiao Circus (Austria) by Lukas Berger / Memories (Sweden) by Kristin Johannessen

Shivering wall.jpg


2020 (U.S.) by Tom Bessoir / The Holy Rabbit (U.S.) by Andiland / Shivering Wall (Taiwan) by Tseng Yu Chin / Phosphor (U.S.) by Jacob Basri / There Can Be No Shadow Without Light (Belgium) by Tuur Oosterlinck / Utopia - Entelechy (Or On The Sense Of Duty) (Italy) by Carlo Alleva, Anna Utopia Giordano / Sensual Pill (Greece) by Sam3 / NSFW (Angry Yellow Meat) (U.S.) by Woohee Cho / Rebel Hall (Iran) by Hassan Mokhtari / The Devil Had Other Plans (Act I) (U.K.) by Guli Silberstein / Top Girl (Belgium) by Jana Van Brussel / a rock (Hong Kong) by Shing Lee / Time Perspective (Norway) by Line Klungseth Johansen / Emily, ilaw ng tahanan (Qatar) by Anna Prokou / Ghost and Me (U.S.) by Francesca Pazniokas / The long wail of a passing train slips into the heart of the ghosts and everything explodes into silence. (Canada) by Anne-Marie Bouchard / Vivant (Argentina) by Carlos Nahuel Cerutti / Forever (U.S.) by Mitch McGlocklin / Locomotive Organisms (U.S.) by Chris Aaron / Phélia (Netherlands) by Elia Kalogianni / Face Me (Spain) by Cándida Massielle Asencio / Homage to Airway (Denmark) by Sophia Ioannou Gjerding/ Euphrat (Germany) by Jelena Ilic

The Natural Death of a Mouse (Germany) b


Wij Herinneren U Eraan (Belgium) by Marijke De Belie / Moments Of Resonance To Keep A Fire Burning (Belgium) by Siddharth Govindan / Lilies (U.S.) by Joni Renee Whitworth / Sync (Canada) by Alexander Mackenzie King / The Builder (Israel) by Kobi Vogman / The Hole (Belgium) by Jos Baker, Julie De Clercq / Passages (Belgium) by Nathalie Rossetti / Rivolta E Malinconia (Italy) by Mattia Biondi / Ahead (U.S.) by Brian Cowe / Little Farewells (Taiwan) by Shantel Liao / Shift (Belgium) by Jos Baker / 2 Minutes Before The Digital War (France) by Graphset / Mikkael Doczekalski / Jupiter (Italy) by Daniele Sciolla / A Sand On The Seafloor (U.S.) by Joo Young (Judy) Kim / The Art Of Falling, A Metaphor Of The Life Under Covid (Belgium) by Johanne Saunier / C-19 (Greece) by Philippos Kappa / The Natural Death of a Mouse (Germany) by Katharina Huber / Lust des Schöpfers (Spain) by Carles Pons Altimira / Wild Grass (Taiwan) by Shan Wu / SPORA (Belgium) by Loes Vanneste, Lena Mariën / My Own Landscapes (France) by Antoine Chapon / The Moth (U.K.) by Geordie Leyland / A letter from Al Barzakh (Belgium) by Waleed Al Madani / Tunable Mimoid (Australia) by Vladimir Todorovic / The Execution (Japan) by Jeroen Van der Stock / Trailer Traders (U.S.) by Karmen Kreti