/the rabbit holes

february 9 - february 15

14.00-20.00 every day


Cinéma GALERIES (exhibition hall)




Galerie de la Reine 26

1000 Brussels

Entry: free (walk-in, no tickets required)

Join us down a cinematic rabbit hole of offbeat, weird, wonderful, poetic, surreal or abstract films. This year, Brussels Independent Film Festival goes underground with a selection of experimental films (narrative films, documentaries, animations, music videos...) by artists from all over the globe. The vaulted rooms of the underground exhibition hall at Cinema GALERIES will serve as the setting for the weeklong continuous screenings of 30 carefully selected works, on 3 different screens. You can visit for free for the duration of the festival, every day between 2PM-9PM.

We'll be featuring different works that adopt alternative approaches to filmmaking. They are sometimes profoundly personal, other times formally radical explorations of image, sound and atmosphere. Making films is truly the process of creating art – vibrant, living works that evoke emotion and resonate with viewers. This essential truth often gets lost in today’s world, which sees cinema as a means of commerce and often overlooks obscure and experimental works of great value but limited box office appeal.

 All films are English spoken and/or English subtitled.

/screen 1

Meltdown (United Kingdom) by Guli Silberstein

Mongol (United States) by Hao Zheng


MacGray - "Brick and mortar" (Belgium) by Aline Magrez

Light Matter (Austria) by Virgil Widrich

Decorum (Australia) by Lorenzo Monti

Reading wild lands (dispersal 6-18-048-02 W5) (Canada) by Alana Bartol

Doma Kak Doma [Home is home] (Netherlands) by Eefje Suijkerbuijk

Invitation (Netherlands) by Sjoerd Martens

Wurlitzer (Hungary) by Balázs Simon

Buffer Zone Blues (Czech Republic) by Franz Milec

Bubbles of Time (Switzerland) by Bastien Bron

The Death of Mr.Tamimi’s Foot (United Arab Emirates) by John Haddad

Amon Tobin - "Vipers follow You" (Belgium) by Charles De Meyer

Sleeping with the Devil (United States) by Alisa Yang

Simon Littauer – Hubris (Denmark) by Ian Isak

July (Belgium) by Ian Menoyot

A Comfortable Hole (United States) by Fulla Abdul-Jabbar

The Divine Way (Germany) by Ilaria Di Carlo

/screen 2

Animals (Germany) by Jonas Spriestersbach

An Apartment In New York (United States) by Chad Knuth

MHD (United States) by Alejandro Watson

Autumn (Russian Federation) by Daria Elkonina

Fluorescent (Israel) by Avner Pinchover

/screen 3

At Jolie Coiffure (Cameroon) by Rosine Mbakam 

Hallebaan 3 (Belgium) by Guy De Troyer


Tulipomania: On the Outside [Spinello remix] (United States) by Cheryl Gelover, Tom Murray

Shelly (United States) by Katie Vida

Chairs (Israel) by Avner Pinchover

Heilerijk (Belgium) by Zoë Boogaert

Perpetual War (Belgium) by Lydia Rigaux

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