tuesday, february 11


This screening session features 3 films. All films are English spoken and/or English subtitled.


Cinema RITCS

Antoine Dansaertstraat 70

1000 Brussels

Free entry.


No need to make reservations for this particular screening. Just show up and enjoy the show!

Tony Fraginals (UK)

by Ben Young

​​Anthony Godby Johnson was an early 1990s New York City miracle: a boy who escaped years of horrific abuse only to discover that he was dying of AIDS. A boy who authored his own autobiography, who earned friends and fans worldwide—and who did not exist. Featuring Oprah Winfrey and the remnants of Johnson's long-forgotten television special alongside the first public glimpse of the hoaxer behind the myth, 'Tony Fraginals' tells the inside story of the scandal.


Belgian premiere

Category: documentary, experimental, short

Duration: 00:16:12


The Gull Chewing Gum (France)

by Guillaume Aubry

Set on the pink granite shores of Normandy, 'The Gull Chewing Gum' is a short film that proposes the reactivation of a cinematographic principle set up by the English avant-garde artist and filmmaker John Smith. Seagulls, cormorants, fishes and waves become the main actors of the landscape. Rather comic, the film can be either seen as a critical statement on how human beings try to control nature and how nature itself invents its own fiction.

Category: experimental

Duration: 00:10:00

Obscure (United States)

by Kunlin Wang

Obscure is a coming-of-age journey of a teenage boy who sexually awakens after discovering the sexual relationship between his father figure and sister figure. The sibling love and companionship, which once served to counterbalance familial strangeness, is now disturbed and gradually develops into a sexual attraction and desire.

Category: narrative film

Duration: 01:31:00


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