Tuesday, 15 February

This screening session features 3 films. All films are English spoken and/or English subtitled.


Cinema RITCS

Antoine Dansaertstraat 70

1000 Brussels

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A face mask and CST (Covid Safe Ticket) will be required.

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A group of mothers defy Europe’s last dictatorship, fighting to free their children from draconian sentences in brutal Belarusian prisons. Running time: 00:18:35




Beso is a father of three – Luka (21), Ana (17) and Ika (4). Ever since the passing of their mother, Ana is left to take care of the family. One day, the family is disrupted by an intrusion of two construction workers from the neighboring flat, who accidentally smash down a part of the common wall. When Ana’s little brother Ika disappears, she suspects that he was abducted by the workers. Instead of making an effort to find Ika, her father idly watches TV and hopes that the four-year-old will come back on his own. Meanwhile, as the workers get comfortable around the house, using the family’s belongings and even eating their food - everyone forgets about the missing child. Ana’s attempts to bring light to her brother’s disappearance slowly diminishes, as her protest is consumed by the daily routine of her family. Finally nihilism takes over. Running time: 00:30:00

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The priest‘s ear recognizes the sins of the parishioners. The heartbeat of the fetus is being monitored. Workers are leaving the factory. Khan‘s Flesh shows the everyday life of a small town in Belarus as choreographies within stage-like images. The inhabitants move and position their bodies depending on the situation and according to their social and professional status. A skeleton of norms, rules and role models, completed with the bodies of active citizens, becomes a vital structure whose components alternatingly discipline themselves through mutual control, praise and punishment. These interwoven social structures are traced, broken up and recontextualized by a dance-like montage. The images’ strict tableau-style reveals a surreal theatricality of the institutionally shaped everyday life. At the same time 'Khan‘s Flesh' is a contemporary document of life in the Belarusian province, barely a year before the beginning of the nationwide protests against the state apparatus. Running time: 00:57:30

Awards and selections: Visions du Réel.