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Cinema Galeries is located in the outstanding setting of the Royal Gallery Saint-Hubert in the heart of Brussels and is a new place dedicated to cinema and art house film in all it forms. The cinema was built in 1939 by the architect Paul Bonduelle, at a request of the Oswald brothers and Robert Putzeys. It is a listed monument since 1993 because of its historical and artistic value. The style of the cinema is between Art Deco and Modernism with a subtle Mediterranean and Romanesque decoration.

Galerie de la Reine 26

1000 Brussel

/locations/cinema RITCS

Cinema RITCS is located in the bustling heart of Brussels, nearby the Oude Graanmarkt in Antoine Dansaertstraat. It is the in-house movie theatre of the RITCS School of Arts, and the ultimate meeting place for true film lovers. Equipped with the newest digital projection technology and a seven-metre-wide screen, it offers 125 cinema seats that provide a first-class experience of the fascinating world of the moving image.

Antoine Dansaertstraat 70

1000 Brussels


This year, within the framework of a 'Tribute to the Masters of Independent Cinema', the Brussels Independent Film Festival will also support three screenings at CINEMATEK.

Located in the heart of the Palais des Beaux-Arts designed by Victor Horta, CINEMATEK is an international film archive with a focus on Belgian cinema; ‘local in an international context’.

Rue Baron Horta 9

1000 Brussels


The Brussels Independent Film Festival is an official partner for the ARGOS exhibition 'Beatriz Santiago Muñoz: Oriana'ARGOS was founded in 1989 in Brussels to stimulate and promote the then still emerging Belgian audiovisual arts scene. Today, ARGOS develops a broad range of artistic programmes and various distribution activities, locally as well as (inter)nationally. It also houses a media library and a prominent collection of more than 5000 artist films and videos.

Rue du chantier 13

1000 Brussels

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