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Brussels Independent Film Festival Wraps Up Another Successful Year, Honors Eight Winners with Chocolate Prizes

Brussels, 11 February 2024 - The curtains have closed on yet another edition of the Brussels Independent Film Festival. Spanning seven days, the festival showcased a total of 69 feature and short films hailing from 25 countries, nestled in the heart of Brussels at Cinema Galeries.


Reflecting on the recent edition of the Brussels Independent Film Festival, Kris De Meester, the Festival director, finds himself navigating a spectrum of emotions. "Year after year, the festival continues to unite a diverse community of film enthusiasts," he observes. "I've had the privilege of engaging with numerous exceptionally talented individuals who've contributed an array of captivating cinematic works. Yet, as is often the case with artistic endeavors, the subjective nature of film selection and award allocation can elicit varied perspectives. However, it is within the willingness to explore uncharted territories and acknowledge the potential for missteps that we propel the evolution of cinema forward. Our festival endeavors to serve as a platform for cultural exchange, embracing a spectrum of viewpoints without prejudice or censorship. We aspire to foster constructive dialogue, ensuring that every voice finds space for expression, regardless of agreement or dissent."


To culminate the 2024 edition, the prestigious award ceremony unfolded at Cinema Galeries on Saturday, February 10th. Eight exceptional films were bestowed with edible medallion awards, crafted from Belgian chocolate by the esteemed 'Gault & Millau Finest Chocolatier,' Wim Vyverman. Handpicked by the jury panel, the following films emerged as this year's winners:


Best Narrative Feature Film:

Coyote (Canada) by Katherine Jerkovic


Best Narrative Short Film:

Manar (Israel) by Rachel Albert


Best Documentary Feature Film:

It Runs In The Family (Dominican Republic) by Victoria Linares


Best Documentary Short Film:

Mum (Portugal) by Siddhant Sarin


Best Animated Film:

Nature Attack (France) by Erik Semashkin


Best Experimental Film:

En Vagues (Belgium) by Alex Schuurbiers


Best Music Video:

They are watching you (France) by Quentin Bernard


Best Belgian Film:

Calf (Belgium) by Tuur Oosterlinck


Congratulations to all!


Last but not least, the Brussels Independent Film Festival wishes to say a special thank you to Cinema Galeries, Chocolate Atelier Wim Vyverman, The Bigger Screen, Connecting Cultures Program,, and Whush, for their contributions in creating this wonderful event.

Official selection 2024

Chemical Somnia (Canada) by Scott Portingale    

Ademoka's Education (Kazakhstan) by Adilkhan Yerzhanov

Arcadia (Poland) by Małgorzata Paszko

En Vagues (Belgium) by Alex Schuurbiers

Limits (Switzerland) by Simon de Diesbach

Cyclepaths (Belgium) by Anton Cla

Calf (Belgium) by Tuur Oosterlinck

Prosa (Ukraine) by Kyryl Volovych

Bardo (Germany) by Tobias Staab, Gustavo Gomes

Before Pandemic and War, There Were Bed Bugs and Love! (Lithuania) by Nuruzzaman Khan

The Fuse (Switzerland) by Kevin Haefelin

Mum (Portugal) by Siddhant Sarin

Jaime (Belgium) by Francisco Javier Rodriguez

After Bed (United States) by TT Takemoto

Coyote (Canada) by Katherine Jerkovic

LKATM (Belgium) by Mauro Desmedt

Melantroop (Belgium) by Vibe Stalpaert

Time Traveling Through Time (Canada) by Ryan Ward

Performer (Germany) by Oliver Grüttner

After Winter, Cherry Blossoms (United States) by Jil Guyon

They are watching you (France) by Quentin Bernard

Image Me (Germany) by Till Gombert

Epicenter (Korea, Republic of) by Hee-yoon Hahm

Right and Wrong (China) by Jody Xiong

The Shell (Bosnia and Herzegovina) by Marko Lončarević

Generation (United Kingdom) by Riccardo Fusetti

Tyranny of the Unafflicted (United States) by Adam E Stone

Wood Dove (United States) by David Jonathan Orr

The Feast (Georgia) by Mariam Bitsadze

Kiss/Crash (United Kingdom) by Adam Cole

European Man...American Beach (United States) by Rex Shannon

Nature Attack (France) by Erik Semashkin

A Dog, A Stone (Tunisia) by Asma Laajimi

Daydrift (Belgium) by Tim Jans

Our Males and Females (Jordan) by Ahmad Alyaseer

Supurbia (Norway) by Alexander Gudmestad

Manar (Israel) by Rachel Albert

Darkness Falling (Poland) by Marcin Nowrotek

It Runs In The Family (Dominican Republic) by Victoria Linares

Floating Flies (Austria) by Victoria Halper

Black Dragon (Rồng đen) (United States) by Alexander Thompson

Ara - Torn (Switzerland) by Sinan Taner

Listen to the wallflowers (Norway) by Johanne Wilbrink

Motus (Portugal) by Nelson Fernandes

Cataract (Denmark) by Jonatan Egholm Keis

Slower Animals (United States) by John Christopher Kelley

Love is the monster (Costa Rica) by Neto Villalobos Brenes

The Factory (Iran) by Masoud Saadat

Demons in the Closet (Germany) by James Smith

Most of the Time We Are Just Waiting (Canada) by Molly Shears

Hotel Centaur (Greece) by Lino Kafidas, Dimitris Kafidas

Ziúr - Eyeroll (with Elvin Brandhi) (Sweden) by Sander Houtkruijer    

What If Women Ruled The World? (Italy) by Giulia Magno

Lonely noisy blue (Korea, Republic of) by N’Ouir

Hell of Se (Japan) by Sawa Kawakami

It Must Be Love (Japan) by Junko Emoto

Little Yellow Flower (Taiwan) by Chien-Ping Lin

Pentaclub (The Club of Five) (Italy) by Roberto Strazzarino

Holestepper (Peru) by Sergio Fernández Muñoz

The Loop (Poland) by Antoni Ferency

Yeah I'm good thanks (United Kingdom) by Hannah Lau-Walker

Alone (United States) by S Columbus

Lights Out, Berlin! (Germany) by Dimitris Argyriou

The Discoverer of the Discoverers (Norway) by C. S. Nicholson

Uyi Nosa-Odia: A Portrait (Luxembourg) by Sofiya Kudryavtseva

Kissing Ralph (United States) by Daniel Lewinstein

The girl who is selling fish (United States) by Alecs Nastoiu

The Rooster (Lebanon) by Chadi Younes

Carry me in (United States) by Rebecca Penner

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