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International Short Films 3
Saturday, 10 February


This screening session features 10 short films. All selected films are in English and/or have English subtitles.

LOCATION: Cinema Galeries (studio, room 3), 26 Galerie de la Reine, 1000 Brussels

FREE ENTRY: Reservations are not longer possible for this screening. There will still be some seats available just before the screening, which will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.

After Winter, Cherry Blossoms .png

After Winter, Cherry Blossoms (United States) by Jil Guyon

The cherry blossom tree heralds the end of winter and the arrival of Spring. In After Winter, Cherry Blossoms a blossoming cherry tree is the starting point for a visual investigation of mortality and re-birth. Through the application of imaging effects, glowing pink blossoms transfigure into a mesmerizing kaleidoscopic display. The intricate patterns that unfold bathe the viewer in a lush, digitized floral world. Both euphoric and serene, the cherry tree is a timeless metaphor for human existence—a melancholic yet glorious reminder of the fragility and transience of life.

Running time: 00:02:55

They are watching you .jpeg

They are watching you (France) by Quentin Bernard

Two women discover a mysterious workshop where a collection of stitche.

Running time: 00:05:00

IMAGE ME .jpeg

Image Me (Germany) by Till Gombert

A photographic image in its production: exposure, development and reproduction. As the subject of its recording the faces of two people. The experimental short film "Image Me" equates the face with the photographic image, exposing the merge with our depiction and a mechanics of rotation around our own axis.

Running time: 00:05:55


Epicenter (Korea, Republic of) by Hee-yoon Hahm

Bukhansan Mountain grows in an earthquake in a normal daily life. Little by little, as fine cracks appear on the wall that divided the world of fantasy and reality, someone begins to notice the existence of an invisible world.

Running time: 00:10:29

Right and Wrong .jpeg

Right and Wrong (China) by Jody Xiong

Born Great, Beyond Dichotomy.

Running time: 00:05:00

The Shell .jpeg

The Shell (Bosnia and Herzegovina) by Marko Lončarević

After finding out that her mother is being abused and neglected by her caretakers, Milica travels from Sarajevo to the small village near Tuzla where she was born. There is a special bond between mother and daughter but also a lot of obstacles.

Running time: 00:20:21


Generation (United Kingdom) by Riccardo Fusetti

A brief journey through the human experience as seen by the eyes of an Artificial Intelligence.

Running time: 00:02:13

Tyranny of the Unafflicted .jpeg

Tyranny of the Unafflicted (United States) by Adam E Stone

In this experimental, allegorical meditation on chronic illness and the poorly understood medical conditions that often underlie it, an unseen man describes his struggles with an auditory affliction amid the apathy and ableism that surround him.

Running time: 00:06:26

Wood Dove .jpeg

Wood Dove (United States) by David Jonathan Orr

Animated video, made entirely from still images of dove feathers for a song by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis.

Running time: 00:04:48

The Feast .jpeg

The Feast (Georgia) by Mariam Bitsadze

The film "The Feast" portrays the life of a Georgian housewife who spends a day preparing a sumptuous supper for her husband's friends. Despite her efforts, she feels like an outsider and struggles to integrate into the group. As the day progresses, she confronts the societal expectations placed upon her as a woman and begins to question her own sense of identity. Through her journey, the protagonist experiences a range of emotions and obstacles that ultimately lead her to a realization about her own destiny.

Running time: 00:24:00

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