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Performer + Shorts
Friday, 9 February


This screening session features 3 short films + 1 feature film. All selected films are in English and/or have English subtitles.

LOCATION: Cinema Galeries (studio, room 3), 26 Galerie de la Reine, 1000 Brussels

FREE ENTRY: Reservations are not longer possible for this screening. There will still be some seats available just before the screening, which will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.


LKATM (Belgium) by Mauro Desmedt

A trapped mind inside a television, portraying its very own fears. It breaks down over the course of a self-destructing VHS tape. Music video for LKATM by Wouter D.

Running time: 00:04:01


Melantroop (Belgium) by Vibe Stalpaert

In "Melantroop," we follow the restless Marta in the metropolis of Brussels. This young researcher struggles with insomnia and accompanying hallucinations. After a visit to her doctor, the symptoms turn out to be deeper rooted than thought.  Close to the protagonist, we end up from one place to another in a raging city. The viewer becomes an eyewitness to the fragile world in which Marta tries to hold her own. When Marta disappears into a mysterious hole, the viewer enters a new - or rather a primal - world where everything is possible and the arrival of man is still unknown. 

Running time: 00:20:00

Time Traveling Through Time _edited.jpg

Time Traveling Through Time (Canada) by Ryan Ward

A wannabe film director becomes embroiled in a battle against the laws of time and space when his attempts to recreate the iconic black and white, photograph-only, time travel film, La Jetée, spiral out of control.

Running time: 00:13:48


Performer (Germany) by Oliver Grüttner

As Tim's (18) time in High School comes to an end, he goes to parties, takes exams, has his first date with a classmate and secretly films himself at night. In these video s, he declares his hatred of women and announces his plans to commit an act of mass violence at his school. As his self - proclaimed "Judgement Day" edges closer his frustration continuously mounts, as he strugg les to live up to his archetypical image of masculinity, both in his everyday teenage activities and in his self - aggrandizing videos.

Running time: 00:55:00

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